Michelle Loeb

Guitar Exchange

Exchanging Pleasantries

When Gary Kramer opened The Guitar Exchange in 1998, he already had years of experience under his belt. Not only was he a veteran of the south Florida MI scene,...
Randy Shayler

The Head of the Class

Unlike the owners of most musical instrument stores, Randy Shayler is not a musician. Beyond some childhood piano lessons and a stint playing clarinet in the sc...

The Spicer of Life

Having grown up in a household where “my dad always had instruments around the house for me to pick up,” it’s not surprising that Tim Spicer would look to recre...
A&G Central Music

A Real Class Act

A&G Central Music, winner of the Music Makes a Difference and Dealer of the Year awards at NAMM’s Top 100 Dealer 2017 event in July, is also one of the most...

Strait Shooting

Strait Music Co. Mon. – Fri. 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. Sat. 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Clint Strait, Vice President Clint Strait is the first third-generation member of h...

DJing in the Digital Age

As electronic music continues to dance its way to the top of the charts, so too does it remain a strong element of MI sales in stores across the country. The Mu...
Brian Meader, George Fuller, Paul Reed Smith, Shane Frame

Can You Give Me Sanctuary?

In April 2010, the music industry, not to mention the country at large, was still reeling from the financial crisis of 2008. That happens to be the month that G...

Cream of the Crop

Both Cream City Music and its CEO/co-owner Brian Douglas share a similar arc, with once humble beginnings slowly growing into accomplishment and greatness. F...
Noel Wentworth

Proving Its ‘Wentworth’

At Wentworth Music, in the heart of British Columbia, Canada, Noel Wentworth is making musical dreams come true. That’s been his goal, and his job, since opening the Wentworth Music Education Centre in 2004.
Peavey Electronics’ RBN Series

Peavey Electronics’ RBN Series

Peavey’s first entry into the speaker and sound-reinforcement arena was with its field-replaceable Black Widow speakers. The company continues today with the release of the 1,500-watt RBN 112 speaker enclosures and RBN 215 powered subwoofers.