Positive Grid is celebrating its 10th anniversary by launching several new products; bringing back the Spark Pearl; releasing exclusive new artist content; debuting its Ignite Sessions original video series; and more.

New Products and the Return of Spark Pearl
Back for the celebration is the Spark Pearl guitar practice amp. Spark Pearl is styled in a snowy white finish trimmed with gold piping, and it offers the same smart guitar features as the original best-selling Spark.
Throughout the celebration, a variety of new products for guitarists and songwriters will also be unveiled on the Positive Grid website.

Ignite Sessions: Exclusive Artist and Guitar Experiences
In honor of the 10 year anniversary, Positive Grid is helping guitarists reconnect with their instrument and fuel their love of guitar with the new Ignite Sessions. An original video series presented in collaboration with a lineup of celebrated guitarists, Ignite Sessions helps inject new energy into guitar and help users play smarter and more creatively.
The first Ignite Session, “Don’t Practice, Just Play: Get Better While Having Fun Playing Guitar” featuring viral influencer, session guitarist, and producer Nicholas Veinoglou, can be viewed HERE, where players can also sign up to be the first to know about future episodes.

The Future of Guitar Spotlights
Some of guitar’s most influential creators, including Darrell Braun, Emily Hastings and Danilo Vicari will be offering a glimpse of the next ten years of music and guitar. The 10th Anniversary Celebration creator series will feature their predictions for the future of sound, technique, style, and smart tools.

Honoring the Past While Looking Forward
Positive Grid was established by a small team of engineers and musicians with the goal to combine music technology and innovative product design. Today, the company develops engaging and forward-thinking hardware and software-based tools such as the Spark guitar practice amp and BIAS FX 2 t
“When Positive Grid was founded, our leaders made a promise to themselves and to musicians to incorporate advanced technology in a way that inspires the love of playing music and makes it accessible and fun for all. We are proud to be a pioneer in smart guitar playing and learning, and are excited to share what the next 10 years will bring, said Laura B. Whitmore, senior vice president of marketing.

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