Bill’s Music of Catonsville, Md., participated in the Arts n’ Drafts festival presented by the Baltimore County Arts Guild. The Arts n’ Drafts festival took place at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery and featured more than 50 visual artists and a half dozen musical acts during the two-day event. The Bill’s Music booth was located in the Creativity Zone and offered an “Instrument Petting Zoo” where kids of all ages could try out different musical instruments to see what they look, feel and sound like. Bill’s Music team member Lindsay Young (pictured) was on hand both days to talk about the different instruments and help the kids to try them out.

“We had tons of kids stop by the booth to try out the ukulele, guitar, violin, drums and other instruments but they loved the Cabasa the best,” Bill’s Music stated.

For the retailer, the hope is that exposing young kids to various musical instruments will inspire and get them excited to pick one up to play, and hold on to that feeling throughout their lives.

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