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Media Kit


Advertisements should be supplied as press-ready Adobe PDF files.

Adobe PDFs of bleed ads should be sized to bleed dimensions without crop marks, color bars or other printer information.

See ad sizes below

Color images should be in CMYK mode at a minimum of 300 dpi and should not exceed 300% ink density.  An Iris proof or similar high-quality digital proof should accompany ad.  In the absence of a high-quality proof, we are not responsible for reproduction quality.

Digital Prepress file requirements.

Adobe PDF Version 1.3 (Acrobat 4.x)
* it’s a common problem to make files that are Adobe 6.0 (PDF 1.5) which supports transparency. However the RIP’s we use do not support it, In fact, it is not supported by any Adobe RIP’s at this time.

Standard: PDF/X-1a:2001, High Resolution Transparency Flattener.

Compression: Bicubic Downsampling to 300ppi using either JPEG or ZIP compression. Page resolution set to 2540dpi.

Fonts: Embed all fonts.

Color: CMYK U.S. WebCoated (SWOP) v2
Ads can be posted to our FTP site, must Login with username and password  testa1. username and password is case sensitive.

Username:  testaftp
Password: d5+x8u

Please upload file to folder marked

Multiple files must be saved as a StuffIt or ZIP format. Once the file has been successfully transferred (uploaded) please notify us via email to and/or Please include the file name, description of the ad, the magazine, month, etc. It is critical that we are notified after a file is uploaded as undocumented files are periodically purged. Files less than 15 megabytes can be emailed straight to Ricky Pimentel at Please include insertion details along with the file.

We also suggest using file delivery services such as ( which are usually free of charge. Recipient delivery address is

INSERTS & TIP-ONS: Call for availability, costs and specifications, please contact
Robert Iraggi at

CLASSIFIEDS & MARKETPLACE: Request Rates, please contact Robert Iraggi at

PRINTER SPECIFICATIONS: 55 lb. coated 3# paper stock. You
can expect up to 10% dot gain at midtone values for grayscale and color images.


Publication is Tabloid size.

Trim = 9.5” wide X 12.625” tall

Bleed = 10” wide X 13.125” tall
* typically we want a 1/4 inch (0.25”) of bleed on each trim side.

Live Area margin = 8.875” wide X 12.625” tall
* typically we ask that 3/8 inch (0.375”) margin be left between the trim and any important images, logos and/or type.