Tariff Talk

We’ve had our “Made in the USA” feature for several years running now. But this year, it perhaps takes on a new meaning. Tariffs are no longer a “what if?” scen...

Drumming to a Different Beat

In many ways, the drum and percussion market is changing. As you will read in this story, YouTube drummers are now what the younger generation looks up to. Elec...

The Changing Face of Retail

In years from now, when we look back on 2018 regarding MI retailing, despite a shakier economy than in the most recent past, most will likely say the industry h...

D’Angelico to Honor X Games Winners

D’Angelico is going for the gold, silver and bronze. At the 2018 X Games in Aspen, Colo., all medal winners will receive a custom gold, silver or bronze “medal”...
South by Southwest

South by Southwest

For decades, Austin TX has been known for its uncanny ability to be the hippest spot for most types of music. It’s almost like there’s a vortex that sucks musical talent into the city limits. This month, however, that vortex must be on the fritz, because it’s sucked in our resident super sleuth, who’s searching high and low for guitar amps.
From The Trenches

Paddling Up A New Revenue Stream

The ideal new revenue stream produces revenue for your store while requiring no financial stake on your part. Yes, no-risk revenue is the first cousin of unicorns and leprechauns. However, it can be achieved.

Destination Shopping

People choose to visit a physical store; it’s no longer the default option. The shopping environment we create, along with our offering of goods and services, determines whether we make the list and, crucially, how often consumers visit.