Korg USA Inc. is now be the exclusive distributor for Waldorf Music. The new partnership will see Korg USA managing and implementing all marketing, sales and distribution strategies for Waldorf in the U.S.

“Waldorf is a natural fit for Korg USA, and we are honored to welcome them to our family of brands,” said James Sajeva, director of technology brands. “We pride ourselves on connecting dealers with the very best products to help them grow their business, and Waldorf is a great complement to that initiative.”

Waldorf was founded in 1988 in West Germany. For almost 30 years, it has created synthesizers and software, including the popular Blofeld series. Its most recent offerings, the KB37 and full line of modular products, expand Waldorf’s reach into the world of Eurorack.

Waldorf Music is the most recent addition to Korg USA’s growing assortment, which has also come to include Crush drums and Tanglewood guitars.

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