Many of us have heard about studies that demonstrate how kids who learn music do better in other facets of life, including academics, behavior, responsibility and confidence. When you couple that with today’s exciting music technology offerings, you have a winning formula for motivating new students to learn about music. However, all too often, budget cuts force schools to downsize—and, in some cases, completely eliminate—their school music programs. And that’s where a select group of music companies, non-profits and industry leaders, such as Tiffany Stalker, come into play to address this important topic.

Stalker is the Senior Manager of the Education Division of Korg USA, where she has the opportunity to help schools learn about technology and incorporate it into their offerings, while also working to develop initiatives and create awareness of ways schools can obtain funding to keep their music programs strong. The goal is to impact the lives of children in a positive way through music, while also enabling our industry to grow in future generations. That’s something Stalker is very passionate about.

As a strong music-education advocate, Stalker is also active in publicly promoting strong music programs and touting the benefits of incorporating new technology. She can be seen attending NAMM’s Music Education Advocacy DC Fly-In, sitting on the board of Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME), and working in the field at music education conferences and speaking engagements.

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