Although the main purpose of going into business is, of course, to make a profit, MI isn’t just any old business. We’re not selling aluminum siding, cutlery or shoes; instead, we’re selling the joy of music-making. That means our industry is fueled by passion and a profound personal commitment to one of the most joyful activities in the human experience. As a direct outgrowth of those aspects of our industry, the MI community is heavily invested in charitable, philanthropic and community-affirming work. And, in honor of the humanitarian commitment of music products makers and sellers, we present our annual “The Good Stuff” cover story, in which we spotlight a handful of companies whose charitable efforts stand out from the crowd.

This year, we received submissions from companies large and small, whose philanthropic activity ranged from supporting music-education access to funding programs for veterans who’ve returned home from war. All of these companies deserve to be commended for the selflessness of their service, although, of course, that’s not what motivates them. Rather, they’re driven by the irrepressible desire to give back.

We’re honored to share their stories with you.

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