To gain a competitive edge, one needs to look at their business with the eyes of an entrepreneur who knows how to create maximum value with limited resources.

In this five-minute podcast, Jaimie Blackman, a columnist with the Music & Sound Retailer, will help you learn why your intangible assets — employee talent, loyalty, ideas, knowledge sharing — are more valuable than your inventory.

The value of your business is nothing more than Earnings X Multiple. The leading driver to increase the multiple is reflected by the quality of your talent, processes, and customer relationship, called your intellectual capital.

Jaimie Blackman — a former music educator and retailer — is a Certified Wealth Strategist & Succession Planner. Jaimie helps music retailers grow the value of their business, so it can be sold profitably. Visit jaimieblackman.com to register for educational webinars and to subscribe to his podcasts.

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