September 2017 Digital Edition


The Greatest Gift of All:
MSR’s Holiday Sales Guide

Yes, the holiday season will already be upon us soon. Get ready to “shop ’til you drop” for the hottest products to come out this upcoming season as the Music & Sound Retailer brings back its annual Holiday Sales Guide.

Negativity is the Enemy:
The 12th Annual Independent Retailer Roundtable

We met with four retailers at Summer NAMM to talk about their biggest MI concerns, what value the show provides and much more. Make sure not to miss what they said.


Summer NAMM in Photos

We take a look back at some of the images that made July’s Summer NAMM in Nashville a truly memorable event.

The Music & Sound Independent Retailer


Five Minutes With

Mario Biferali, vice president of sales for Godin Guitars, explains how music saved his life, why the electric guitar isn’t even close to being dead and much more in this month’s interview.


MI Spy

MI Spy makes the “long” trip from Philadelphia last month to the Jersey Shore this month. In this truly tough assignment heading to beach towns in the summer, MI Spy found a winner after enjoying some much needed R&R.


Confessions of a Retailer

Although nobody over the age of 30 perhaps knows what it means, “Keep it 100” is a hot phrase today, according to Donovan Bankhead, which means the 100-percent-real, unfiltered, sometimes-brutal truth. Bankhead provides the “brutal truth” regarding the state of competition in the MI market today.

In the Trenches

Think July’s Summer NAMM was expensive to attend? Find out how Allen McBroom attended on a shoestring budget and why the show is something you can’t miss.

Shine a Light

We get it “straight” from Strait Music, a mainstay in the Austin, Texas, scene for half a century. Learn why this family run business is so successful.

Retailer Rebel

Like Allen McBroom, Gabriel O’Brien believes the Summer NAMM Show is not to be missed. NAMM University educational sessions are just one of the reasons why.


Social media and advertising are omnipresent, but Dan Vedda explains why word of mouth is still crucial.

Under the Hood

We take an in-depth look at Bittree’s ProStudio PS4825F patchbay and what separates it from competitor products.

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