The Association of Washington Business visited Manhasset Specialty Co. on Oct., as part of a statewide bus tour to emphasize Manufacturing Day, which is October 6. This first-ever bus tour by the AWB, to visit top manufacturers in Washington state, is being conducted to call attention to the diverse manufacturing companies successfully competing around the world.

“What an incredible company and team of employee-owners! It is no wonder Manhasset is successful in marketing their outstanding quality products all over the world,” said Kris Johnson, president of the AWB.

“We were delighted to welcome the AWB and these distinguished visitors to Manhasset as part of Manufacturing Week for the state of Washington,” said Dan Roberts, president and general manager, Manhasset Specialty Co. “There are many manufacturers in this state, and we were honored to be included in the inaugural AWB Manufacturing Tour.”

Manhasset has worked closely with the AWB in legislative issues like the Ex-Im Bank reauthorization, which is important to many Washington manufacturing companies marketing their products all over the world. Johnson and other members of the AWB staff, elected officials and AWB board members were present for the tour at Manhasset and they were very impressed with operations.

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