Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz discussed his future with the company in an exclusive interview with MusicRadar.

“I will be here for a while, as CEO, and then I will be here for a while, for a couple of years, as an active advisor and mentor,” said Juszkiewicz. “And we have a lot of young managers that are just dynamite inside the company, that are progressing and will progress into higher levels, so it’s all good.”

He added: “My mission, really, is to pass on the knowledge and the tools to allow the next generation of management to really excel and bring the brand to a whole new level. And I would get a tremendous amount of satisfaction because I love Gibson and the brand. It’s part of my DNA at this point, and I want the company to do well.”

Gibson’s CEO also stated MI is doing well, plus much more in the interview. To read the story, click here.

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