Logitech acquired Blue Microphones, known for the past 20 years as a manufacturer of studio and consumer microphones used by artists, producers and sound engineers.

“With Logitech’s vast resources and incredible reach, Blue will be on a much bigger stage from the beginning. The end result is fulfilling our ultimate purpose — helping as many of our users find and amplify their voice as we can,” said Blue Microphones CEO John Maier.

“Logitech’s acquisition of Blue Microphones will accelerate our entry into a growing market and offers another way for us to help bring people’s passions (from music to blogging) to life,” added Logitech CEO Bracken Darrell. “Joining with Blue is an adjacent opportunity for us — a new way to grow — with additional synergies related to our existing gaming, PC webcam and audio categories. It’s exciting!”

Blue joins Logitech’s multi-brand portfolio, including Logitech, Logitech G, Ultimate Ears, Jaybird and ASTRO Gaming.

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