Bellevue American Music on Aug. 31 officially announced that it had closed.

“The sun has set for Bellevue American Music,” the Bellevue, Wash., retailer stated in a Facebook post. “Many of you already know and for those that don’t we are now closed. We will miss seeing and serving all you great customers and more than that we will miss the great relationships that you have allowed us over the four decades we have been serving you in Bellevue. Thank you deeply from all of us at BAM. We love you.”

The post was accompanied by the image seen above.

Customers now passing by the store will see the following statement attached on the window.

“Bellevue American Music has closed for business. We would like to thank all of our incredible customers for their support over the four decades we have been assisting musicians, schools, churches and families. You are all the very best anyone could have hoped for. Thank you.”

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