Alvarez guitars has unveiled a complete redesign of its website, According to the company, the revamped website is the “culmination of an extensive marketing initiative to update the Alvarez look and feel after recent investment in further product development.”

The site features an in-depth look at the Alvarez story, presented with a modern elegance and intuitive flow. The website also features an enhanced product search that makes it fun and easy for customers to find their ideal instrument.

“We wanted to improve our site’s user experience and also present our story in a new way,” said Chris Meikle, senior vice president at St. Louis Music and head of the Alvarez development.  “The result is a more intuitive search mechanism that is singular to Alvarez. With advances in HTML5, we’ve been able to present our story in a very elegant way and we think users will also enjoy learning more about our brand, our research and development and the purpose behind our work.”

The enhanced search feature makes it possible to quickly explore the Alvarez product line, choosing guitars by shape, series, and wood types without having to refresh the page. Guitars are presented with detailed specs, as well as multiple, multi angle photographs, and video. The site also features an extensive dealer locator that can help customers find Alvarez dealers nearby.

“It’s very refreshing to focus on marketing and branding after such an extensive period of product development,” Meikle noted. “While we still spend a lot of time on R&D, it’s great to get to a stage where we can show off the products we’re proud of. The new site will give us a cutting-edge springboard to feature our guitars, news and promotional activity.”

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