Gabriel O'Brien

Retailer Rebel

Retailer Rebel: Creating Supportive Content

There are loads of different ways to engage your audience with content, so many that they may seem hard to keep up with. Supporting a piece of content with another piece is a great way to engage your audience on multiple levels, states Gabriel O’Brien.

Building Listeners

There is a unique way to connect to your customers and the musician community as a whole. Gabriel O'Brien explains.

Video Didn’t Kill the MI Star

Video marketing is the fastest-growing segment of content and the one most likely to engage viewers. You may have noticed all of the biggest MI retail companies have invested deeply in video for years.

Make It Count

As I’m writing this it’s barely January and, as we take our first steps into the new year, I wanted to talk a little about 2017 and where we go from here. As I ...

Stocking Stuffers

I’ve been in MI retail longer than most people stay in a single job and, while that’s probably not at all an uncommon feat in this industry, I feel like I’ve be...