The Audio Engineering Society is updating its AES Live: Videos portal. Extending the content and functionality of its library of video and streaming media presentations gathered from years of AES conventions and conferences, oral history projects, the AES Legends video series and more, the new AES Live: Videos portal offers AES members more than 365 videos of exclusive content in over 30 categories. The update includes a newly redesigned format focused on the user’s needs.

AES Live: Videos delivers content from thought leaders and practitioners in pro audio. Links and search options guide viewers easily to videos about their topics of interest and let them explore and discover content across the breadth of the audio arts and sciences. All AES members have access to the platform.

“With 32 topical categories including Recording and Production, Live Sound, Immersive and Spatial Audio, Game Audio and XR, Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, Archiving and Restoration, Audio for Cinema and Theater and Audio Networking, this rich member resource truly has something for everyone,” said AES director and membership committee chair Alex Case. “The new AES Live: Videos library contains enough videos to offer a new way to connect with the Audio Engineering Society every day of the year – and that’s just the start. We are reviewing new videos and materials on a regular basis to upload to the site and will continue to enhance the portal in support of the AES’s mission to promote advances in audio and disseminate new knowledge and research in a format with great appeal to the YouTube generation. We invite each one of you to join us and spend some time clicking around. You’ll find familiar faces, captivating stories and amazing insights inside AES Live: Videos.”

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