Mobile Mini Keyboard series

Yamaha has debuted the reface Mobile Mini Keyboard series. Each reface model includes 37 keys, HQ-Mini action and mobile operation with battery operation and built-in speakers. They connect to external speakers, smartphones, tablets, MIDI devices and computers. Yamaha’s reface YC features five retro organ sounds—from classic American tonewheel to a variety of transistor organs—via a complete organ control interface with drawbars, rotary speaker, percussion and effects. Yamaha’s reface CP features six electric piano sounds, including tine, reed, clav, toy and CP80, plus direct control of retro-style effects like tremolo, wah-wah, digital and analog delays, chorus/phaser, reverb and distortion. Yamaha’s reface CS uses virtual analog synth technology and five flexible oscillator modules to create a wide variety of complex sounds. Yamaha’s reface DX, inspired by the iconic DX7, switches instantly from retro-’80s tones to modern sounds. For details, visit

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