Yamaha unveiled the YBS-62II Professional Baritone Saxophone and the YBS-82 Custom Baritone Saxophone. The YBS-62II improves upon the ergonomics and intonation of the original model, the YBS-62, with the addition of high-end features from the company’s newly released Custom YBS-82 Baritone Saxophone, stated the company. These features include a new key layout based on ergonomics that makes it easier to play longer, faster and more comfortably, as well as a shorter bell length for improved intonation, especially for challenging notes in the lower register. The YBS-82, the first custom-level model addition to the company’s saxophone lineup, offers a variety of configurations that can help artists achieve their desired sound. The new saxophone features handmade neck options with varying tapers and finishes to satisfy a player’s preferences. The YBS-82 also features the same improvements to ergonomics and intonation as the YBS-62II, including a shorter bell length and a new key layout.

MSRP: YBS-62II: $13,997;
YBS-82: $16,323
Ship Date: September
Contact: Yamaha, usa.yamaha.com

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