Yamaha synthesizers are turning 45. The company is celebrating a milestone in synthesizer innovation and technology with the Yamaha Synthesizers 45th Anniversary Streaming Event, featuring 24 hours of worldwide video streaming from Yamaha headquarters in Hamamatsu, Japan. The streaming video event will feature new product announcements, demos, performances and interviews from Yamaha Artists, product designers and specialists, along with extensive insight into Yamaha synthesizer history.

The broadcast will take place in three seven-hour blocks contained within a 24-hour period. Each block will be streamed from Japan for one of three major international stages — Europe, the Americas and Asia/Pacific. The first video stream broadcast will begin on Sept. 22 at 1 p.m. CEST (11:00 UTC) for European viewers; the second seven-hour block will begin September 22 at 1 p.m. PDT (20:00 UTC) for North and South American audiences and then finally the third at 1 p.m. JST (04:00 UTC) on September 23 for viewers on and around the Pacific coast of Asia.

This event will feature performances and interviews from Yamaha Artists Avery Sunshine and Michael Patrick, along with composer/vocalist/synthesist Tori Letzler. Viewers will be able to watch demos from Yamaha product specialists, meet the designers behind Yamaha synthesizers and learn about Yamaha synthesizer history dating back to 1974.

“We hope to share our passion for synthesizers with this event. Hearing the music people make with Yamaha synthesizers fuels our drive to make innovative instruments,” said Nate Tschetter, product marketing manager, Yamaha Synths. “We look forward to the next 45 years helping people create amazing sound and music.”

To view the Yamaha Synthesizers 45th Anniversary Streaming Event, visit https://yamaha.io/YamahaSynth45th

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