Joe Bein is pleased to announce the launch of Bein & Company, a business that provides fine string instruments to musicians around the world. Equally inspired by family and fine craftsmanship, Bein & Company will serve musicians at a time when they need it most.

“Our support of artists has never been more important than it is right now,” shared Bein. “During a moment when the musical world is in peril, our company will inspire musicians with some of the world’s most beautiful instruments. We will provide expertise, trust and integrity to help shape classical musicians for generations to come.”

As timing has it, an initial opportunity arose quickly. Bein was approached with a very special early assignment for his company: loan a rare Stradivari violin for a performance by Irish violinist Patricia Treacy during President-Elect Joseph R. Biden’s inaugural mass at St. Matthew’s Cathedral. Patricia will perform “The Proclamation” and “On Eagle’s Wing” via video recording in accordance with heightened security procedures.  Patricia hails from the same part of Ireland that Joe Biden’s ancestors do, County Louth. A video of the recording can be seen here.

The violin, currently available for purchase for only the third time since 1963, has been sold and certified by several of the greatest firms of the last century. Before the current owner acquired it this century, the instrument was the property of famous violinist Jesse Cecci for almost 50 years. Omobono Stradivari made the violin under the direction of his father, Antonio, in Cremona, Italy circa 1700, during his father’s coveted “Golden Period,” which is the most valuable and desirable period of his almost 70-year working life.

Bein believes that the performance at the Inauguration will provide another story in the life of a very special piece of art.

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