The Music & Sound Retailer April 2021


Guitars’ Greatest Year

One positive of the pandemic was a wave of new guitar players, with dollar sales rising an incredible 15 percent in 2020 vs. 2019, according to MI SalesTrak.

Plugging Into Higher Sales

Guitar amp manufacturers have seen sales rise in lockstep with guitars, and diversity is the name of the game in the PA speaker market.


MSR Anniversary: Fender

Fender’s storied history reached the 75-year plateau this year. We look at some of the company’s highlights in this special three-page section.

Shine a Light

Ray’s Midbell Music is the thriving descendant of a multi-store chain that started more than 80 years ago, when Jess Midaugh and Sam Campbell combined their talents, and their names, to create the original Mid-Bell Music Co.

Under the Hood

To answer the increasing demand for audio streaming and recording solutions at home, in the studio or anywhere, Shure unveiled the MV7 podcast microphone, the company’s first hybrid XLR/USB microphone.

MSR Special

We offer an interview with Joel Menchey, expected to take the reigns as NAMM chairman in July.


Five Minutes With

Gibson CEO “JC” Curleigh talks about NAMM’s virtual Believe in Music Week, the company’s acquisition of Mesa/Boogie, how to keep new guitar players brought on by the pandemic, and more.


MI Spy

MI Spy is still awaiting full COVID-19 vaccination, so he/she reports virtually on two stores in El Paso, Texas and two stores from Las Cruces, N.M.


In the Trenches

If the customers at your store don’t currently speak a variety of languages, that will likely change sooner rather than later, says Allen McBroom. Here is his advice to better communicate with these customers at your store.


The Lesson Academy model has expanded throughout the country, sometimes led by extraordinary educators who love teaching but have no affinity for retail, but also, unfortunately, sometimes led by people who have no affinity for education, either, states Dan Vedda.





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