SABIAN announced a new “Try Cymbals at Home” program called Soundcheck. Drummers who take advantage of the program can receive up to four cymbals delivered to their front door that they can try out and play for up to two weeks, then pay only for the cymbals they want to keep and return the rest.

“COVID-19 has made it difficult for all drummers to try out new gear,” said Andy Zildjian, SABIAN’s CEO. “The virus continues to disrupt our retail partners, so we created SABIAN’s Soundcheck to get new sounds into the hands of drummers while helping to minimize the chance they come in contact with coronavirus.”

Drummers enroll for the new program directly on the SABIAN web site. They can choose from one of four collections from SABIAN’s “Area 51.” Mark Love, SABIAN’s master product specialist, will select a sampling of cymbals that are shipped right to drummers’ doors. Dealers should love this program as well, as the drummer names his favorite SABIAN retailer and they are part of the process, thus keeping the normal sales channel intact.

“We got to thinking. Just because the concerts and live music venues have shut down that does not mean that music is standing still. In fact, we believe that with less distractions music is blossoming under the surface. We know our drummers are unbound by conventional thinking. So are we. COVID-19 won’t stop the music. And it won’t stop us,” said Zildjian.

“No drummer needs to be housebound,” concluded Zildjian, “SABIAN continues to be unbound and this is another way in which we encourage drummers to never hold back.”

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