John_Photo_shoot_1_retouchRock House has a new vision on teacher-based learning that is a culmination of John McCarthy’s 27 years of running a full-service music school. The new curriculum features a multi-level series for guitar, piano and bass guitar. The instructional series takes a student from the very first time he or she touches an instrument through the most advanced levels of play. This new system of learning encompasses all genres of music into a complete applied learning experience. Included with the curriculum is a teacher certification program, audio backing tracks, quizzes, worksheets, common music in the same key across guitar, piano and bass programs, video demonstrations, digital e-books and 24/7 online lesson support.

Rock House will utilize instructional material and the Web to connect students with teachers and support them by certifying instructors, having a searchable teacher database and offering additional learning tools, such as quizzes, that track progress, full band backing tracks for play along, worksheets, Teachers’ Editions and much more, all to help ensure a successful one-on-one learning experience.

McCarthy noted, “In every city, there are great players, but they’re not always great teachers. With my comprehensive Teachers’ Editions, quality musicians can become quality teachers. More teachers will result in more musicians, helping the entire music industry grow.”

Rock House has set up a Teacher Certification program online to help ensure that instructors who use the curriculum are prepared to teach it at the highest level. McCarthy will personally call each instructor to discuss some of the finer points and be an ongoing resource. Each instructor who becomes certified receives a printed certificate showing that he or she is qualified to teach.

Teachers who pass the certification test are provided with Teachers’ Edition textbooks that they can use to effectively guide each student through lessons. In the Teachers’ Editions, McCarthy has provided Lesson Tips for the least experienced instructors to help them guide their students through the lessons. There are Quick Tips that can be used by more experienced teachers to help them spark new ideas. There are also Play Along sections, which give ideas on ways teachers and students can interact musically. Included are Music Assignments with ideas on what to send the student home to work on. These books are delivered free to each instructor via the Web. They can print out the pages needed as they move along in the lessons.

Each program comes with multiple audio backing tracks that the teacher can use, from the included CD or via access online at the support site. They can use these examples for students to play over during the lesson or at home as a practice assignment. This prepares students to play along with other instruments.

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