qscobsessedtatoologoQSC Audio Products LLC recently launched its new “Obsessed” Contest, inviting its most loyal customers and devotees to demonstrate their affinity for QSC products, and tell the story of their “obsession” with QSC. The contest offers a chance to win $5,000 in free gear.

QSC already knows that its customers are very special and share loyalty to the brand and products. And, often, these customers are compelled to share their story with others. Each of them has reasons why they chose QSC products for the first time. Some speak about the company’s service and support. Some boast that their QSC products have been in continuous use for 20 years or more. Others talk about QSC products performing to perfection under harsh environmental conditions. Over the years, QSC has been told stories of its products surviving incredible calamities only to continue to function flawlessly. Although no two “obsessed” customers are exactly alike, they do share one common trait: They love QSC!

The “Obsessed” contest is an opportunity for these loyal and enthusiastic customers to express their enthusiasm for the QSC brand and, in the process, be eligible to win $5,000 in QSC gear. Entries can include written testimony, videos and photographs whereby contestants can show that they are the most “obsessed” with QSC.

To enter the contest, visit the QSC “Obsessed” contest page at www.passionforaudio.com/obsessed or the company’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/QSCAudioProducts. The contest began February 14 and will continue through April 30.

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