Beginning this month, ProMark Drumsticks will undergo a brand refresh. This includes an updated portfolio introducing two new brand pillars: ProMark and ProMark Classic.

The ProMark pillar represents the leaps and bounds made to bring the brand up to D’Addario’s standards of innovation and quality. However, it’s about more than streamlined processes and consistency standards. It’s also about exploration, experimentation and pushing the boundaries of what a drumstick can be. The ProMark performance pillar will include two lines: Rebound and Finesse.

ProMark Classic celebrates ProMark’s rebellious spirit, the company stated. By reintroducing some of the brand’s iconic visual equities and marrying them to the most essential models in the portfolio, ProMark Classic will pay homage to the bold, original identity and ideals first set forth by Herb Brochstein back in 1956. The ProMark Classic performance pillar will feature two lines: Forward and Attack.

ProMark Drumsticks’ New Line-Logic

Alongside the brand refresh, ProMark established a new line-logic to better align the needs of different player segments. The simple nomenclature is designed to be easy to navigate and reflective of the unique performance characteristics drummers want to choose from.

Some key things to note about the line-logic are:

  1. Existing item numbers and stick specs will not change.
  2. The current Classic Hickory line is now ProMark Classic Forward.
  3. ProMark’s Current Classic Shira Kashi Oak line is now ProMark Classic Attack.
  4. The current Maple Rebound line will live in the Finesse sub-brand.
  5. The current “The Natural” models are now ProMark Raw Hickory.

This month, updated stick sleeve packaging and stick imprints will start shipping with newly released models. Existing items will transition into the new packaging throughout the spring.

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