Pearl Corporation, manufacturer of acoustic and electronic drum and percussion products, entered into a distribution partnership with Wincent Drumsticks to grow the availability and awareness of Wincent products in the U.S. market.

“Wincent Drumsticks is honored and proud to join forces with Pearl Coperation as our high-profile MI distribution partner for the U.S.,” said Dan Nylén, founder & CEO of Wincent Drumsticks. “This will ensure greater service, reach and market penetration of the Wincent portfolio. It has been a goal to partner with Pearl Corporation, and now it is a reality, and we will make every effort to satisfy the U.S. market.”

Wincent Drumsticks was established in Sweden in 1992, with the stated goal to make the highest-quality drumsticks, brushes and rods. The sticks are manufactured using a stone lathing process with a unique wax protection applied that compliments the feel and durability of the sticks. Each pair of Wincent sticks is butt-end branded with the stick size, so when you look down into your stick bag the various sizes are easily identifiable.

The Wincent product portfolio includes drumsticks, brushes, rods, mallets, and percussion accessories like practice pads, drum keys, stick grips and tone gel. Pearl will begin accepting orders for Wincent products immediately and has inventory ready to ship.

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