Audio-effects manufacturer Overloud and speaker manufacturer Jensen have announced a new partnership that will bring officially licensed Impulse Responses to Overloud’s SuperCabinet.

Jensen Speakers has joined forces with Overloud to offer players a comprehensive collection of Impulse Responses (IRs) from Jensen Speakers’ Vintage and Jet Series.

Captured with Overloud’s exclusive technology, the Jensen Speaker IRs bring the tones of the speakers from the ’50s and ’60s to the digital world, reissued by Jensen in its Vintage Series and including models such as the P10R, the C12N and the P12Q. These speakers, used on numerous hit records, are the voices of the birth of modern rock music.

With the new Jet series, Jensen offers a wide assortment of modern, versatile tones — from the most articulate and sweet cleans, to powerful, cutting leads and high gain tones. The IRs of the speakers, such as the Blackbird 100 and 40, the Raptor, and the three models in the Tornado family, deliver some of the most fascinating varieties of tone.

Each library is a systematic capture created with 19 microphones, multiple poweramps and enclosures. The result is a wide variety of tones true to the Jensen legacy, ranging from ’60s sparkling cleans to tweed-style crunches, up to the most contemporary high-gain leads.

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