Minuendo Lossless earplugs are now available on Soundbrenner, a manufacturer and dealer of wearable products and apps designed to assist in music training, practice and education.

Hearing-loss prevention and awareness are not primary considerations for many musicians practicing for prolonged periods a day. Sound levels in practice situations can be harmful, even for acoustic instruments. For those who have continued this regimen for years or decades, it often results in hearing damage and tinnitus. The Minuendo Lossless earplugs were designed to reduce the potential for hearing loss over the long-term. Soundbrenner has a focus on the same slice of musicians who are dedicated to extended practice and skill building.

“I met Florian at NAMM 2020, and we quickly saw that Minuendo and Soundbrenner are making products that appeal to the same audience,” said Minuendo CPO and co-founder, Tom Trones. “As a musician myself, their metronome wearables have enabled me to focus more on my musical time than ever. After years of development and a successful product introduction in Norway, it is wonderful to have a partner like Soundbrenner that can help us bring our hearing protection into the hands of musicians around the world.”

“This is a productive time for musicians, who are spending a lot of time practicing, and we’ve seen many artists and bands double their efforts on the amount of writing and music creation,” added Soundbrenner founder and CEO, Florian Simmendinger. “We are thrilled to offer Minuendo Lossless earplugs because we also want musicians to be able to regulate their sound exposure, while still being able to hear the music clearly without loss.”

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