stairsTwo things that are important to a sales presentation are humor and metaphors.

Humor eases any tension that can arise in a sales presentation, and a metaphor can give one more power.

A good example of a metaphor is Shakespeare’s inimitable language in his play As You Like It. He wrote:

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances….

I watched a commercial for an automaker and it reminded me of the importance of humor and metaphors in sales.

The salesman said, “You want to make a decision soon because the sale will be over.” The customer said, “I guess I will be out in the cold,” to which the salesman replied, “Like a wet pair of boots in the rain.”

These are great examples of humor and metaphors.

You need to incorporate humor and metaphors into your sales presentations to be more effective.

Here are some you might try:

Don’t say, “Playing an instrument is fun” but, rather, say, “Playing an instrument is finding your soul.”

Don’t say, “This amp is 300 watts” but, rather, say, “This amp will kill rats three blocks away.”

Don’t say, “This guitar has a low action” but, rather, say, “This guitar will practically play itself.”

Don’t say, “This guitar has a lifetime guarantee” but, rather, say, “This guitar is guaranteed longer than you.”

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