spy30The Chief finally caved in. It had seemed like I could only score assignments under cold and cloudy conditions, but I cheered when The Chief gave me an assignment where I found sunshine and warmth. Spy work is so much more pleasant when the sun is out and its rays shine through the windshield of the Spymobile.

This kind of work is not easy under any conditions, but being warm—as opposed to sloshing through snow, sleet or rain—certainly does help the attitude and lessen the risk of slipping and falling in the line of duty. MI Spy operatives are not postal workers, after all; nothing says we deliver a report through sleet, rain or the dark of night. However, the info brought to you by MI Spy is important, and those of us committed to spying for the music industry must do our duty and get the job done no matter what.

My mission? Visit four stores in the Phoenix AZ area. I was to check out wired microphones, which could be used for speaking or singing. Fortunately for those around me, I did not need to test the product (singing is not my forte).
Not knowing the area very well, I first mapped out my plan of attack, making my best effort to keep from driving the Spymobile back and forth unnecessarily across the city. A vehicle of spy quality can be something of a gas hog.

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