Gig Gear LLC has created specific designs intended for music retailers that will help customers socially distance, keep lesson rooms safe and communicate how instruments/showrooms have been sanitized, via a partnership with Indiesigns. The MI signage and decals will be available for customization and available for order here.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with Indiesigns,” said Danny Shatzkes, Gig Gear’s founder and owner. “At Gig Gear, we know that music retailers will have particular challenges compared to other retailers when it comes to keeping their stores and lesson rooms safe and sanitized. We want to provide signage that complies with all of the recommended guidelines but still carries the correct vibe and messaging that a music shop needs. Indiesigns is absolutely the company to work with on this as it’s known for its beautiful designs that can’t be found anywhere else. It just makes sense to team up with a company that exists to support artists by providing signage to the retailers that help create new artists.”

“Gig Gear is known in the industry as a leader in product design and customer service — two core priorities at Indiesigns — so this partnership was natural,” said Ari Grazi, president of Indiesigns. “Gig Gear’s pre-existing distribution channels and relationships will get our safety signage into retail stores sooner, letting them open both safely and stylishly.”

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