Today, having every tool needed at your store in order to get the job done is even more important, such as MusicNomad’s Premium Guitar Tech Truss Rod Wrench Set.

In today’s new world, having everything you need at your store or home in order to get the job done is even more important. This starts with having the right tools. Assuming you work on guitars often, fumbling around looking for the right wrench can be a hassle and a waste of valuable time. That’s why MusicNomad Equipment Care introduced its Premium Guitar Tech Truss Rod Wrench Set, which is intended for every gig bag or workstation.

“We see during these times where there are shelter-in-place orders, and even where they are not in effect, people are working more on their gear at home,” Rand Rognlien, product designer and CEO of MusicNomad, told the Music & Sound Retailer. “So things like string changes, setups, cleaning and general maintenance are being done in the home with more frequency and across more of their instruments. During normal times, many musicians have relied on their local stores, repair shops or techs to do the job for them, but now they are taking the time to learn how to do it themselves. Also, with more people working from home, there is more free time to care for their instruments or watch a how-to video. Having the right care and maintenance products is very important to do the job right.”

According to Sonoma, Ca.-based MusicNomad, the wrench set offers “unmatched versatility and organization in one compact, rugged case the size of an iPhone.” Designed to work on most electric, acoustic and bass guitars, this 11-piece set comes with six Allen key sizes, three socket wrench sizes, a specially designed spoke-wheel tool and a 3/8-inch blade bit.

“Finding the right size and quality wrench to get the job done is not easy due to all the different truss rod sizes out there” said Rognlien. “All our products are designed to solve problems and make life easier for musicians and techs.”

Bonus features include laser-etched sizes on each wrench and three magnetized screwdrivers for small truss rod cover screws. The socket wrenches and spoke-wheel tool can slide into MusicNomad’s Octopus handle (sold separately) for additional leverage and comfort. The kit is compatible with models from Fender, PRS, Gibson, Taylor, MusicMan, Epiphone, ESP, EVH, Gretsch, Guild, Cordoba, Ibanez, Jackson, Knaggs, Charvel, Bourgeois, Takamine and Yamaha, to name a few.

The Premium Guitar Tech Truss Rod Wrench Set carries a $54.99 retail price and is available now. A portion of all equipment care sales funds, a musicians’ advocacy website created by the company, and One For Music, a program that donates one percent of MusicNomad’s sales to music programs and nonprofits that play or promote music in everyday life.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive on the product thus far, noted Rognlien. “People can’t wait to get their hands on it,” he said. “In a recent survey we did with 600 guitar players, we found 40 percent owned 10 or more guitars. Since there are so many different-sized truss rods out there, having one kit to handle the majority of sizes is in high demand. Fender alone has six different truss rod wrench sizes, depending on the model, country of origin and what decade it was made. Also, with the kit being compact, organized and high-quality, it gives the guitarist or guitar tech the tools to get the job done.”

MusicNomad also launched to help the industry by tackling a much-asked question from those that set up guitars: “What truss rod wrench size do I use for my instrument?” With no industry standard, the size often changes by brand, by model, by country and even by decade.

“We found one brand might have five different wrench sizes depending on the model, where it’s made and the year,” stated Rognlien. The answer to a staple question on guitar forums can now be found in one place across 75 brands for the top acoustic, electric and bass guitars.

“By compiling the info with feedback directly from many of the brands, it’s great for the industry, because it will reduce the number of emails and phone calls [placed] to the brand’s customer service while giving techs and guitarists worldwide one place to get reliable info 24/7,” added Rognlien.

The data was compiled over four months from a team of people. “We get asked who would spend hundreds of hours to create something like this [website]? As leaders within our growing community, no niche is too small if it makes equipment care easier,” relayed Rognlien.

In addition to the new product and website, MusicNomad is also celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2020. We asked Rognlien to recall some highlights from the company’s first decade in business.

“We have been blessed with many opportunities from an amazing industry,” he responded. “We have incredible relationships with our dealer and musician community. We went from not knowing one person in the industry when we started with our small lineup of guitar and drum cleaners to now having more than 70 products sold in 1,000 USA dealers, plus distribution into 40 countries. I think some of the highlights are when we get recognition for our hard work, innovation and premium quality. We have won NAMM’s Best In Show Award twice. Also, the incredible acceptance by the musician, instrument makers and tech community. For example, many of this year’s Grammy winners use our products to maintain their gear. We know our brand is the go-to for many of the top touring techs around the globe. Another highlight is we ship products to many of the top instrument makers to use on their new guitars, ukuleles, drumshells, etc., before they ship them out. Just being around 10 years gets me excited to see what the next 10 years will bring for MusicNomad and our growing community.”

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