Fender is extending its Play Through giveaway, continuing to offer three free months of guitar, bass and ukulele lessons on the Fender Play app to all new players.

On the giveaway, Fender shared the following statement: “When quarantine began, we invited the world to make some noise with free access to Fender Play. Six months in, the world is louder than ever — and music still has the power to connect us all. So until 2020 is over, our invitation is back, three months of free online guitar, bass and ukulele lessons. No cost. No catch. Just music. Let’s play on through to the other side. Play Loud. Play Free. Play On.”

As The New York Times recently reported, learning guitar has become one of the most popular ways people are unwinding and passing the time during stay-at-home orders. After announcing  the original giveaway in April, Fender Play’s user base grew nearly 500 percent, increasing from 150,000 to 930,000 subscribers, as new players started to emerge during quarantine. With this record interest, Fender decided to extend this giveaway into the holidays.

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