Drum Workshop Music Foundation (DWMF) has unveiled Project Timeline. This new initiative strives to highlight the importance of the African American musical lineage. Additionally, it will showcase the influence it has had on a wide range of music genres.

Project Timeline is a music-centric advisory board made up of manufacturing industry veterans and celebrated drummers and percussionists. It aims to deliver of a program working with schools in under-served communities to spark musical interest and engage young people of all ethnic backgrounds, ages and abilities by donating resources and providing qualified, passionate educators.

Special Ambassadors for Project Timeline include several award-winning percussionists. For instance, Kevin Ricard, Mona Tavakoli, Taku Hirano and Trevor Lawrence Jr., are involved in the project.

“DW is the only company that is progressive and aware enough to initiate a project like this,” Lawrence said of the new initiative. “Project Timeline is a huge step in the right direction.”

Additionally, each year during Black History Month, Drum Workshop will design and build an exclusive, limited-edition run of 10 snare drums. These special drums will retail at $1,000 each with 100 percent of sale proceeds going to Project Timeline.

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