Guitar Center announced that its Kansas City ecommerce Fulfillment Center reopened on April 22. The facility was temporarily closed per a city ordinance and has now been given the green light to resume operations at the 700,000-square-foot facility.

“We appreciate the involvement of the mayor’s office in recognizing the facility’s role in providing supplies to educational institutions, instructors and students, as well as providing all musicians with a source of products delivered directly to their homes,” stated a Guitar Center spokesperson. “Our operations allow us to further musical education with our online lessons programs and support customers who depend on their music for income, self-expression and solace. In this time of disruption to our way of life, we all recognize the importance of music and music-making in society and we are thankful for Mayor Lucas’ actions to allow us to safely assist in filling the world with music. We also greatly appreciate the assistance of the Kansas City Health Department in coordinating with us to review our safety protocols at the facility. Associate safety is Guitar Center’s top priority.”

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