Evans and Promark by D’Addario have announced the kickoff of BYOS’ clinician tour, taking place across the U.S. at participating Guitar Center locations. Ralph Nader and Harvey Thompson, collectively known as BYOS (Bring Your Own Style), are an innovative drumming duo originally from Brooklyn NY. After years of honing their craft, they became YouTube sensations for their exciting drum covers of popular songs, garnering more than 10 million views. They utilized that platform to create the BYOS movement: an inclusive community of drummers performing to their favorite popular tracks and incorporating new drumming compositions and showmanship.

BYOS’ globally bestselling signature drumstick, the BYOS Showstyle Marching Hybrid Snare Stick, manufactured by Promark, is engineered in collaboration with Nader and Thompson to function as a traditional marching implement and a well-balanced, show-style trick stick. Featuring a medium taper and large round bead, the stick will provide the necessary output volume needed for the marching activity both indoor or out, and the grip ring on the butt-end provides a comfortable grip while executing stick tricks.

BYOS have also released a translation of the 26-letter alphabet into drum rudiments. The BYOS Alphabet lets drummers turn any work into a snare lick with a BYOS twist. Play your name, tell people where you’re from or even have a conversation with other drummer.

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