Shure has announced a rebate program of up to $500 per channel on the purchase of new Shure wireless microphones and personal monitor systems accompanied by the trade in of wireless systems that operate in the 600 megahertz frequency band (614 to 698 megahertz). Products from Shure and other wireless manufacturers are eligible for the trade-in program. The rebate is effective until April 30, 2018.

The rebate will help wireless users adapt to changing conditions that result from the reallocation of portions of the 600-megahertz band to mobile broadband services. According to FCC rules, wireless microphones and personal monitors that are capable of operating in the auctioned UHF spectrum (616 to 653 megahertz and 663 to 698 megahertz) may not be used after a transition period. If a local mobile broadband licensee begins to use these frequencies before that date, the wireless user must change frequencies to avoid interfering with them.

“As a result of the recently completed Incentive Auction of UHF spectrum, wireless microphone users in the U.S. should plan for the retirement and replacement of systems that currently operate above 614 megahertz,” Mark Brunner, Shure’s Vice President of Corporate and Government Relations, said. “Our number-one priority is to help people make the transition from legacy products to new systems that will provide dependable service and comply with updated FCC regulations.”

Customers may submit rebate forms after the purchase of the following new Shure wireless products: BLX, GLXD and GLXD Advanced, PGXD, PSM300, PSM900, PSM1000, QLXD and ULXD.

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