Peavey Electronics hosted its annual international distributor meetings and dealer seminars. These three-day, hands-on events bring the Peavey community together in an educational atmosphere that cultivates a thorough understanding of Peavey products, as well as sales and customer service, within the company’s sales force.

The first of this year’s international seminars saw record attendance, with attendees representing Latin America, APAC and Africa highlighting Peavey’s distribution of more than 2,000 products to more than 130 countries.

The first international distributor meetings were held May 8-10, while the dealer seminars took place March 27 -29, and April 24-26.  The next dealer seminar is Sept. 25-27 and the year will close out with an international meeting Nov. 13-15. All events have similar formats, kicking off with a tour of Peavey’s Headquarters and a brief company history presented by Founder and CEO Hartley Peavey. Classroom topics cover many aspects of sound reinforcement, including powered enclosures, mixers, amps, and Composite Acoustics guitars.

At the conclusion of each day, there is still plenty of time to socialize and network in the evening as attendees enjoy an open bar and nightly dinners, which often inspires an evening jam session.

“For more than 40 years, Peavey has hosted our popular dealer seminars. As the company has grown, so has our global reach,” said Peavey’s Chief Operations Officer Courtland Gray. “Our innovative products bring us together, but our supportive community is what keeps us together. The personal connections we make at these seminars are invaluable to our success as a company.”

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