ADAM Audio Appoints Managing Director

ADAM Audio has appointed Christian Hellinger to Managing Director. In the role, Hellinger will oversee global sales, distribution, marketing, research and development, post-sales support and service, product management and strategy for ADAM Audio worldwide. Hellinger will be based in Berlin, Germany.

Hellinger was Founder and CEO of Yellow Tools, a company involved in the development, production and distribution of sampling libraries, virtual instruments and audio software. The company designed and developed its own instrument libraries, which are in use all over the world, as well as custom sound libraries for a number of global software companies. Yellow Tools was acquired by MAGIX AG under Hellinger’s direction. At MAGIX AG, Hellinger served as both Vice President of Audio, handling multimedia applications for consumers, broadcast audio software and product development. Then, he was International Sales and Business Development Director for the EMEA region, focusing on software, video, photo, Web design and music production. Under Hellinger, the first music software for mobile devices on Android, iOS and Windows 8, the Music Maker Jam, was developed.

Hellinger will cooperate with Managing Director Sven Schmöle, who oversees finance, business operations, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain for the company.

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