StubHub is making a three-year commitment to put more than $3 million in instruments into at-risk public-school music programs across the country, in partnership with the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation. The commitment is made possible by a grant from the StubHub Foundation.

“We believe that music needs to be a core component of education in America,” said Perkins Miller, general manager, North America, StubHub. “Numerous studies have shown the benefits that music education plays in student enrichment and development, which is why we are proud to support the efforts of the Mr. Hollands Opus Foundation and all those who help keep music alive in schools across America.”

To date, StubHub and the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation have successfully delivered more than $2 million in music instruments to more than 50 schools across the United States. Over the lifetime of the instruments, more than 100,000 kids across the country will benefit from this support.

“So much has been made possible through our relationship with StubHub, and receiving this grant truly changes the game in giving the benefits of music education to thousands of deserving and hopeful children,” said Felice Mancini, president of the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation. With StubHub’s commitment to music education for all kids, we can delight in seeing eager kids’ faces light up when they hold new, beautiful instruments. Their lives and spirits are elevated, and the power of music is at work.”

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