Hey Santa!

This month and next, The Retailer presents our annual Holiday Sales Guide, showcasing more than 60 products that industry manufacturers believe will be most desirable this holiday season.

Independents’ Party

Part one of The Retailer’s 9th annual Independent Retailer Roundtable delivers insight, education and inspiration. This year’s panel, boasting geographic diversity and enviable MI industry perspective, is one of our best.


Five Minutes With

Ray van Straten, Vice President, QSC Professional, shares his musical journey, while also pulling back the curtain on a major internal restructuring that will strengthen QSC for years to come.


MI Spy

The MI Spy has been busily racking up frequent flyer miles as of late. This month, our agent swoops into the Bay Area, undaunted by the danger in store.


Special To The Retailer

Gabriel O’Brien, Sales Manager at Larry’s Music Center, delivers an op-ed on Fender’s transition to direct sales that, upon being posted online, became The Retailer’s most viral article ever!

Shine A Light

In the heart of McKeesport PA sits Progressive Music, well into its seventh decade and expert at adapting to changing times.

Sales Guru

Gene Fresco has met hundreds of music superstars during his career, but the most interesting person he’s ever met was not a musician. Gene shares the story.


Dan Vedda discusses customers who are willing and able to buy on the Web, but who value the convenience, connection and assistance of the face-to-face environment.

Under The Hood

Accessory products like bags and cases have become increasingly important to retailers. We examine Reunion Blues’ latest and greatest: the red-hot RBX Series.

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