Ibanez has introduced the RGKP6 and SRKP4 Korg mini kaoss pad 2s-equipped guitar and bass. Each model includes a built-in/detachable Korg mini kaoss pad 2s to create a unique hybrid instrument that offers guitarists and bassists limitless opportunities to incorporate the dynamic effects of electronic music into their performance. This detachable “fast-swap” design is ready to accept new generations of kaoss technology, ensuring that these instruments will remain relevant. Located directly in the path of the picking hand, the kaoss pad 2s puts 100 effect programs within the reach of a finger for seamless, “real-time” manipulation. Other kaoss features include a synthesizer, a built-in MP3 player and a digital recorder to capture performances. Guitarists and bassists will appreciate the way the mini kaoss pad 2s integrates with the RG guitar and SR bass, implementing elements such as built-in gain/distortion, an effect bypass toggle and a 1/8-inch headphone jack for private jam sessions.


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