In honor of its 25th anniversary, Ahead Drumsticks produced 1,000 exclusive limited-edition silver 25th anniversary 5BLTD drumsticks. Each will be laser-engraved with their respective 1-1,000 number and will include a certificate of authenticity signed by the CEO.

According to Ahead, its story dates back to 1992, when Rick Grossman of Easton Sports approached then multi-store retailer Bob Kasha with his design for a synthetic drumstick. “Easton Sports had already enjoyed great success as a producer of baseball bats and hockey sticks made from aerospace-grade aluminum, but no one had ever seen success in designing a high performance synthetic drumstick. Kasha became a consultant for Easton Sports, and through his guidance the Advanced High Efficiency Alloy Drumstick was born. He immediately saw that these new drumsticks had great potential and founded Big Bang Distribution to supply them to drummers around the world,” the company said.

In 1994, Kasha sold his retail stores to better focus on creating and distributing drum products. In 1997, Bob Kasha purchased Ahead Drumsticks from Easton Sports.

“For the last 25 years we have stayed ahead of the grain by being the best listeners. We listen to what every drummer and percussionist has to say, whether they are a beginner or touring professional. We let their necessity be the mother of our invention. We have all of you to thank for all the great new products and innovations we have brought to the market so far,” the company wrote.

“In the next 25 years we will continue to push our goals of innovative excellence in developing products that go beyond traditional design. We will continue to provide superior levels of customer service that reflect our belief that a satisfied customer is our greatest asset. We stand behind every product that we make and we stand behind all of you,” the company concluded.

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