Aston Microphones will now be distributed for all of North America by Yorkville Sound. After enjoying more than three years in partnership for the Canadian market, extending distribution into the Yorkville U.S. office is a natural progression for both Yorkville Sound and Aston Microphones, the companies stated.

“Aston’s attention to product excellence reliability and customer care mirrors the very foundation of Yorkville Sound,” says Jeff Cowling, Yorkville’s vice president of sales and marketing. “We are thrilled to bring our joined entrepreneurial spirit to the U.S. market.”

James Young, founder and CEO of Aston Microphones, added that “working with Yorkville Sound in Canada for the past three years, and most closely with Ray Wilson (Yorkville’s national sales manager in Canada), has been an experience packed full of superlatives. Quite simply put, their performance and commitment to our brand has been ‘next level,’ and we are both extremely fortunate, and thrilled to be expanding their operations into the U.S. market. Consolidating North American activities along with the release of two new products scheduled for early 2020 mean it’s going to be a hell of a year for Aston and Yorkville.”

Steve Hendee, Yorkville’s U.S. Director of Sales, sees endless opportunity for the Aston partnership. “As we’ve seen in Canada, Aston Microphones provide high quality mics that are sought after by professional and hobbyists alike. The product itself is well-paired with studio equipment such as monitors and mixers in our family, giving retailers opportunities to bundle and upsell end users with world class studio solutions. Our team can’t wait to hit the ground running.”

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