Yamaha’s Limited Release Billy Corgan Signature Acoustic Guitar will feature Graph Tech’s manmade ivory TUSQ nut and saddle, open back machines heads and Billy`s signature Zero logo on the headstock. Yamaha will only ship 400 guitars worldwide.

“We’ve used Graph Tech and TUSQ components on a variety of Yamaha guitars, in particular our higher-end and more custom spec-ed models for some time, and have always been really happy with the sound and reliability. When we started working with Billy Corgan on his limited edition signature L-Series acoustic, we felt TUSQ was a natural fit to complement the tone and build he was looking for in the guitar,” said Julian Ward, global marketing manager, Yamaha Guitars. “From the first prototype to the final product models, Billy’s been totally happy with the sound of the guitar, so we’re delighted in our choice of spec-ing TUSQ again! It’s a great product and a great partnership.”

TUSQ is engineered under high pressure and heat, specifically to govern which frequencies are transferred to your guitar top, and which frequencies remain in the strings.

“We’re always excited to work with Yamaha guitars. They are always pushing the limits in innovation in the guitar industry, while a big focus on tone and playability. To be a partner with them and getting the tone Billy Corgan was looking for in his signature Yamaha guitar makes all our [research and development] efforts for over 35 years well worth it! We look forward to many more collaborations,” said Dave Dunwoodie, president, Graph Tech Guitar Labs.

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