Yamaha Corp. of America (YCA) and Yamaha Motor Corp. USA (YMUS) came together for the second year in a row to showcase the company’s “Revstar garage” concept at the NAMM Show, held in January. Embodying the company’s “Two Yamahas, One Passion” philosophy, the Revstar garage was a dramatic display within the 27,000-square-foot Yamaha booth in the Anaheim Marriott. The display combined the passion for the stripped-down or “yard-built” style motorcycles, which gained popularity in London and Tokyo in the ’50s and ’60s, with the Yamaha Revstar, a line of solid-body electric guitars that was inspired by the motorcycles and unveiled last year in celebration of 50 years of Yamaha guitars.

In the NAMM display, a custom gold SCR950 motorcycle was paired with a Yamaha Revstar (RS620) guitar, painted and pinstriped to match the scrambler-styled bike. Similarly, a Revstar (RS620) was customized to match a stock Charcoal Silver SCR950. The display was conceived jointly by YCA and YMUS marketing teams, which worked in unison to carry forward the vision.

“Over the course of the entire NAMM Show, we had many musicians come to our display and share with us their passion for both music and motor sports,” Dave Jewell, Marketing Communications Manager, YCA, said. “This collaboration between YMUS and YCA brings a heightened awareness for the two companies that continues to elevate the ‘Two Yamahas, One Passion’ philosophy.”

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