5x2-micmonth-giveaway2-05012013To celebrate “Mic Month” at Sweetwater, two Mic Lockers will be given away to two lucky entrants. A total of 39 mics, worth $35,000, divided into two packages, will feature mics from Neumann, Shure, Blue, AKG, Miktek, Lauten, Royer, Telefunken and many other prominent brands. Package 1, valued at $20,500, includes 18 mics, whereas Package 2, valued at $14,500, includes 21 mics. The winner will be announced at the end of this month. To enter to win the Sweetwater Mic Locker Giveaway, go to https://www.sweetwater.com/giveaway/. Special deals, including mics, Sweetwater exclusives and bundles, will be featured all throughout this month.

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