St. Louis Music purchased the assets of H.W. Products Inc., a maker of brass and woodwind cleaners and accessories since 1975. With this purchase, SLM acquired 100-percent ownership of the H.W. brand.

“I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with H.W. and the Koregelos family for many years,” said Mark Ragin, president and CEO of St. Louis Music. “I’ve come to know their line as one of great ingenuity and quality and also have great respect for the work Angela and her late father, George, have put into their company. It’s really an honor that Angela [Koreglos] has agreed to pass the torch to SLM. We’re thrilled to offer our broad distributor and dealer base the current H.W. line and look forward to adding additional products to their great offering.”

H.W. Products began as a modest repair shop when George Koregelos opened “House of Woodwinds” in 1960.  His reputation as a top-class repair technician grew, and he began to see a need for better cleaning and maintenance products, leading him to patent and market products like the popular H.W. Pad Saver and, later, the H.W. Brass Saver.

“For me it’s been a pleasure and a privilege to work in the music industry,” said Angela Koreglos, president of H.W. Products Inc. “Working with Mark at SLM over the years has been one of these joys, and I couldn’t be more delighted to pass my family’s business legacy on to someone I know is going to represent our work so well.”

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