St. Louis Music has announced a new partnership with Warwick Music Group (WMG), whereby it will distribute its complete range of instruments in North America. WMG is the maker of the pBone, which is among the bestselling trombones over the last few years. WMG also manufactures other quality plastic instruments, such as the pTrumpet and the pBuzz for beginners.

Mark Ragin, St. Louis Music’s President and CEO, commented, “We are excited to represent the full line for this range, designed by British musicians. We see tremendous potential, which will complement the…offering for St. Louis Music customers.”

Branislav Zivkovic, Warwick Music Group’s COO and President North America, added, “Trade partners, artists, educators and parents continue to support us, and they’ve already enabled tens of thousands of children to begin their musical and brass journey with our instruments. We are delighted that St. Louis Music is offering the entire line of instruments.”

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